Family Album and Windows Vista?

Phil Rose pjrose at
Mon Aug 18 21:27:17 PDT 2008

Lightning does strike twice. Last week our 2 yr-old laptop was fried 
by a nearby lightning strike (surge came through the phone line). 
Several days later we replaced that with a new laptop--and it's one 
(like all current models) that has Vista pre-installed. Vista has 
turned out to be the second lightning strike!

Now, I struggle to re-install some of my "vital" applications that 
played so well with XP. Near the top of my list was to regain use of 
my Bentley CD manuals--but incredibly, good ol' Bentley Pub. doesn't 
yet have a reader version that fully supports Vista, and they suggest 
that my version of Vista (SP1) is likely to have "problems". Nothing 
quite as nice as a good thick, heavily fingerprinted paper manual 
(like that good ol' '89-'91 200 stack of paper) that retains 
usability for a virtually indefinite time.  And it'll "run" on a 
flashlight battery!

Then there's the Family Album (version 7), which I'd like to 
re-install. Can anyone here give me a *definitive* answer to the 
question of whether or not the FA will work with Vista? Googling on 
that question returns mixed signals. Mostly they're negative but not 
much info to go on. Has any lister done (or know of) a successful FA 
installation with a Vista computer? Unfortunately I do not know if 
the version I have is 7.0 or some later point version (but it's at 
least 7.0).

My fallback position will likely be attempt partitioning my new 
laptop's HDD so I can install Windows XP (to create a dual-boot 


Phil Rose
Rochester, NY
mailto:pjrose at

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