Engine dies when heat soaked

Kneale Brownson knealeski at sbcglobal.net
Wed Aug 20 18:39:59 PDT 2008

Sounds like an engine speed sensor going bad.

riceballdr at aol.com wrote:  Hi My 200 Avant has been running fine all summer but on Sunday leaving the JFK airport I got about 1.5 miles and she died. Would crank but no attempt to start. Waiting along the center barrier of the Van Wyick I checked fuses and a few other things,had the hood open and about 20 minutes the car started. I got off the highway and onto the service road. Got about 2 miles and she died again. Waited for a rollback and once again car started. Got it home (90 miles) thanks AAA. Next day let it run ac on hood closed and after 15mins it died. Checked spark and did not have any. Mr Bentley showed values for the coil and it was high between the two small posts and returned to limits when cooled and of course the car started. I got the new Bosch coil which looks just like a normal round coil not the little square original one. I put it in and took it for a test and got it warm. Got back home and left it running with the ac on and after 10 minutes of idling
 she died again. Swapped the fuel pump relay with a new one just to check and still no start. Fans are working and car stays on the normal temp range. I still think its an electrical problem that happens with heat soak I?thought I had found it with the coil. Would something in the distributor cause loss of spark. I will dig a bit deeper into my Bentley but I thought someone else might have had this problem. Wife says to buy a new Toyota. Second time car has been flatbeded home.I do 90 miles one way and the Avant got 152,000 miles on it. Thanks Richard
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