Engine dies when heat soaked

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Ok Randy I'll try that when it warms up today,currently 53f at 05:30....Thanks...............RRF

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I agree with knealeski that the most likely cause given the conditions described is heat induced failure of the engine speed sensor.


The Speed and Reference sensors are mounted on the left (Driver's) side of the bell housing area.


The Speed Sensor counts the Teeth of the Ring Gear (mounted rear most of the two and higher / further from the rotating mass), The Signal from this sensor is required at all times for the engine to run.


The Reference Sensor Scans for a Single Pin pressed into the Flywheel which corresponds to TDC #1 Cylinder (mounted foremost of the two and lower / closer to the rotating mass),?The Signal from this sensor is only required at start up).


Try to induce the Engine to Die / No Start Condition then pour a water (room temp) over the Speed Sensor to artificially cool it quickly and Start the Engine to confirm Diagnosis.


Good Luck, Randy

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