alternator problem?

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There are three belts on the front of the engine driven by the crankshaft.  As you are facing the front of the car,  the alternator will be down low to your left.  Down low to your right will be the A/C compressor.  Above that to the right is the power steering pump.
  Starting at the engine, the first belt is the power steering pump belt.  The middle one goes to the A/C compressor.  The outer one goes to the alternator.
  If your system has thrown two or three belts, most likely they were not high quality metric belts.  Conti belts are recommended and usually give no trouble for years of use.
  You do not need to remove anything from the car, just loosen the tensioning system for which ever belt(s) you need to service and the belted device will move inward to allow installing the new one.  Looking from underneath the car, you can figure out what ALL needs to be loosened.  The alternator and the compressor tensioning systems INCLUDE funky little geared devices that let you do it all with wrenches (no need for prying, etc.) if the teeth haven't been mucked up.  You also have to loosen the main bolts that attach the devices to their brackets.  The power steering pump uses a bolt in a cage to tension the belt and also has to have its main fastener loosened.  If you're not familiar with the tensioning devices, you should consult the Bentley because it's easy to ruin the geared system.

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  Ok, so I couldn't stand it, and went outside and looked with a flashlight. I'm 99% positive there are like 3 pulleys that should have a belt on them that dont. 

The big crank pulley of course is in the middle, and then I assume the alternator is on the left (looking in from the front of the car) and the (compressor?????) I'm assuming is on the right of that crank pulley. 

I did hear a funky sounding little clunk noise every once in a while earlier in the night which I am assuming was my belt slapping against something before completely coming off. 

SO, now my question is, how hard is it to put that belt on? It would be easy, but it seems like you have to take the whole front end of the car off to get at it : /

Also, where can I find that belt?

Thanks again guys,


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Well tonight I ran into my first real problem with the audi.

I haven't had a chance to look at anything yet, that will come tomorrow morning, but I still wont have much time to check it out because I am packing everything up to drive up to school. I figured I'd ask here in case I can get a quick response. 

So...tonight I was driving to our local VW/Audi meet, and like 1/4 of the way there, the ac compressor stopped working (stopped blowing cold).

Everything else was fine though. 

Then after the meet, two lights came on. One was battery light, and one was ABS OFF light. I am assuming all of the above issues are from a dying battery. 

The question is WHY is the battery dying. 

Here are the additional clues to the problem. When car is running, lights dim and certain things fail to operate (like the cd changer lcd screen), when windows are rolled up, etc...voltage was sitting around 10 volts, and with windows in action, it probably dropped to about 8.25 volts. IMO, it cant be just the battery thats the problem if its dropping while the car is running. 

So my question is, are the other issues all related to the battery dropping so low...(I am assuming this is correct), and what is the deal with the alternator. (I'll probably figure this all out tomorrow, but I'd like to ask anyhow). I figure its either got a loose/bad wire, belt came off alternator..?, or alternator is bad. 

What do you think?


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