Update on 200 heat soak problem

Kent McLean kentmclean at comcast.net
Fri Aug 22 18:01:17 PDT 2008

Jean-François Roldan wrote:
> drove the car yesterday, no issues at all. Took it this morning, died after 20 min... started again after 5 min of wait, was on my way to the shop...
> once there, they plugged it in, no codes.
> drove around town after that and back home, no issues...
> mechanic remembered many fuel pumps going bad in these model years, could it be an issue?

I didn't see an answer to this, so I will give it a shot.
I don't think it's the fuel pump.  If they die, they don't
get better again.

My guess is a sensor of some sort, dying from old age and the heat.
It works when cool, then dies when hot. When it cools off, it's
better a gain until it gets hot.  It may or may not throw a code,
since it is "working" for some definition of working.

On the V8s, the crank position sensor is subject to a lot of heat,
and dies the way you described.  The CPS is buried deep down in
the engine compartment, near the flywheel.  One test is to pour
cool water on the suspected items, cooling them off. If the
car restarts right away, you've identified the culprit.

Bon chance. :)

Kent McLean
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