alternator DONE!

chris gregg loxxrider at
Fri Aug 22 18:10:42 PDT 2008


It took me all day finding the parts, and getting everything. If
everything would have gone right, it probably would have taken me like
15 or 20 minutes...but it took like 5 hours lol. 

The only thing that gave me big problems was this one bolt over on the
AC compressor...its the 15mm (next to the one with the gear) 

First it rounded off...then I couldn't get it with a vice grip.
Then I cut it, and it still wouldn't come off...then we torched
it...still no luck. Finally, it took a pneumatic chisel to come off.

I ended up using some NAPA belts that arent quite the right size. I will be ordering the correct belts, but I really needed to get up to school tomorrow, so I had to make do with what was in there is a tropical storm hovering over Florida haha

Thanks for all your help guys, I absolutely love this thing

-Chris Gregg


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