do you need bump stops for knois?

Nathan Winters natewin at
Mon Aug 25 13:12:43 PDT 2008

Somewhat related:

I'm replacing Bilsteins with Konis and dealing with this bump-stop issue as well.  I don't have the original Strut-Nut/Threaded Cap (431 412 047 B) that holds the strut insert in the housing.  Can I use the old Bilstein nut on top of the Konis?  Does it serve the same function but just requires a different tool (I'm convinced only a 24" pipe wrench and torch would have done it) to install / remove?  The Bilstein does seem to be a substantial part and I've never seen an OEM cap.

Also:  I've only seen it referenced in the V8 thread, but the struts are the same as far as this goes.  When I removed my struts and turned them over a considerable amount of water (a few ounces) poured out (explains the extreemly rough ride in winter).  Would it make sense to put a weep-hole in the bottom of the strut housing tube to drain out water?  I certainly don't want to have a problem in the future with freezing again.  Does everyone run with nice untorn boots and does that do enough to keep out water?

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The Bilsteins don't need external bump stops because they're built internal. Konis do require them as Bernie said. 

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> As I recall, Konis come with bump stops. 
> Bernie 
> On Aug 13, 2008, at 11:11 AM, robert weinberg wrote: 
> > hi all, 
> > 
> > i did order the kyb bump stop/bellow hit. cheap enough. but my 
> > friend said you might not even need the bump stops for konis. he 
> > said you don't need the for bilsteins. 
> > 
> > is this true? the only reason i say is that if i don't need them, 
> > my friend can continue with the koni install rather than wait for 
> > the parts to arrive. the car is just sitting on the lift waiting 
> > for the parts to finish installing the front struts. 
> > 
> > thanks, 
> > Robby 
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