3B breather hose replication

Ben Swann benswann at verizon.net
Tue Dec 2 10:34:58 PST 2008

Someone recently posted a nice writeup with pictures of a breather hose made for 3B
engine.  It was made from copper fittings, etc. and I was looking into doing this
myself.  Good 'ol MicroSnort did automatic reboot on patch update before I saved the

Also, for that motor, I recall a catch can made from AC canister or other solution.  I'm
already blowing oil out at 2.5 bar and now going to 3 bar need a solution  - quick is
good, not necessarily dirty.

I appreciate the quick replies as more than just being too lazy to search extensively,
I'm right in the middle of changing injectors, etc. for the 3 Bar mods and looks like my
reinfoced factory breather hose ( new hose with extra srapping) was just not enough.


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