Oil Separator/catch can [was breather hose]

Ben Swann benswann at verizon.net
Wed Dec 3 12:26:22 PST 2008

OK - Now that we have the info on the breather hose - thanks George and all those who
pointed me to it..

How about any info. BTDT on how best to implement the oil separator, catch can or
whatever works best.  It would seem to me use of some reservior that can hold oil and
let it drain back into the pan.  I would guess that you need a valve that closes under
boost as well as under vacuum - basically releives excess blowby when cruising, then
drains back to the sump/oil pan.

I had heard of use of an AC evaporator unit modified for use as a catch can.  Plenty of
these around - at least at my local boneyard compirsed of parts cars in my back yard;-}


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the post was from George Sidman, just last month (Nov 2008)

here's a link to the pictures:

and here's a link to the post:

he uses a reducer down to 1/2" but it's not necessary because the final size is 3/4"

I've been looking for an oil separator but didn't want to spend on either one of 034's
vortex products.  I'm still fuzzy about how the oil drains back to the engine.  (do I
need a valve?)]

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