Oil Separator/catch can [was breather hose]

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I found this:

Oil in the IC hose?
Bernie Benz b.m.benz at prodigy.net
Mon Mar 4 18:05:48 EST 2002
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There are two possible sources of oil in the intake system.
Worn turbo bearings causing oil leakage into the compressor.  Very bad, but
uncommon, IMO.
A light oil coating in the intake system is usually from the crankcase
breather system which, under boost, exhausts into the intake system just
ahead of the turbo air intake.  Hard right turns with a full crankcase
aggervates the problem.  There is a flakey oil seperator in the breather
line, Bentley shows it located near the exit from the crankcase, but it is
actually the ell fitting located high on the passenger side of the engine
just as this breather tube turns forward and behind the heat shield toward
the turbo.
My fix:
More of this oil aerosol exhausting the crankcase can be condensed and
returned to the crankcase by adding a stainless steel kitchen scouring pad
loosely stuffed into the enlarged section of this hose immediately above its
connection with the block.

Try a Google search of audifans.com and there are a few posts.

HTH, Eric

On 12/3/08, Ben Swann <benswann at verizon.net> wrote:
> OK - Now that we have the info on the breather hose - thanks George and all
> those who
> pointed me to it..
> How about any info. BTDT on how best to implement the oil separator, catch
> can or
> whatever works best.  It would seem to me use of some reservior that can
> hold oil and
> let it drain back into the pan.  I would guess that you need a valve that
> closes under
> boost as well as under vacuum - basically releives excess blowby when
> cruising, then
> drains back to the sump/oil pan.
> I had heard of use of an AC evaporator unit modified for use as a catch can.
>  Plenty of
> these around - at least at my local boneyard compirsed of parts cars in my
> back yard;-}
> Ben
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> the post was from George Sidman, just last month (Nov 2008)
> here's a link to the pictures:
> http://www.flickr.com/photos/audi_200_pix/
> and here's a link to the post:
> http://www.audifans.com/pipermail/200q20v/2008-November/026309.html
> he uses a reducer down to 1/2" but it's not necessary because the final size
> is 3/4"
> I've been looking for an oil separator but didn't want to spend on either
> one of 034's
> vortex products.  I'm still fuzzy about how the oil drains back to the
> engine.  (do I
> need a valve?)]
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