FW: [s-cars] Need help on Alt belt numbers? New and improved? (x-posted to S-car list)-UPDATE

Beer, Jerald S. JBeer at caseyciklin.com
Fri Dec 5 12:14:33 PST 2008

First, thanks to all those who sent me such quick replies. It was sorted out this morning. Interesting story.

Upon inspection, both the AC belt and Alt belt were gone. Theory was the AC belt let go, taking the Alt belt with it. Both were new.

The 10x825 Conti Alt belt did not fit, it was TOO WIDE (notwithstanding the updated belt is an 11x820). Both the alt pulley bracket and the crank pulley were too narrow. Although I don't remember, it must have come up previously, because the 137A belt I had laying around fit perfectly and I had another that fit the AC perfectly. Both start with 034 part numbers.

Upon further inspection, the crank pulley has a slight wobble. Looks like the rubber has lost its ability to buffer. Hey after at least 14 years, what the heck. I am concerned about getting the correct replacement pulley, mech says the diameters are 10.5, 10.5 and 9.5. Can anyone confirm the new stock crank pulley from one of the usual sources (SJM for example) would have the correct diameter that I need?? If so, how do I explain why the stock size belts don't fit?? Or do I have a Hans and Franz Friday special, where I may have parts left over from another car (10v) on the day mine was built? There does not appear to be any VIN cutoff for a change............
91 200tqa

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