No spark

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Check Fault codes as mentioned.

Likely culprits are Hall sender (distributor) or Hall signal not in sync. with flywheel
sensors - missing signal from one of the three sensors, or hall/distributor is out of
window (adjustment) which can be caused by timing belt slop.  Codes should help narrow

If no code generated, then you most probably have a bad coil, but verify codes first.


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My 91 200 TQ 20V with about 140K has no spark. My kid was driving it and he said it just
stalled and wouldn't restart. He had it towed back. It started once, went to 1500 rpm
and died.

I changed the cap and rotor with new Bosch parts, and replaced the plugs with Autolite
double platinum. (What I had been using.) 

Still no start, so I checked and found no spark from the coil wire. The coil checked out
to Bentley spec. There was also 12V to the coil.

What would be some other likely suspects?


I just had the timing belt changed within 1000 miles.]

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