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I hate 2nd guess those guys as I'm sure they are better than me - but have
they pressure tested the car again?  I do it using a stethoscope - just hose
on the end because when air travels across it its very loud. Also try
another WGFV - I've been hearing of brand new ones coming out bad.... 

Definitely keep us posted


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hi all,

the latest is that 034 pulled the turbo. it's fine (1/2 price on labor to
pull it). took my ecu and put ian's IA3+ in it. hauled ass. for a while,
then started knocking down the boost again.

javad and crew are really frustrated with the car. they are thinking of
trying their chip once again, but in my ecu - not ian's. the problem is that
they floated the labor cost to socket ian's (and then put it back to IA3+),
but i'll probably have to pay for them to socket mine this time around. Dan
said he's cut me a deal on the chip and MAP sensor though.

another option they've been kicking around is to cap off the N75 and install
a 2.2 bar WG spring. they want to mull over the ramifications of that first
though. i'd get my 20 lbs because the computer can't lower the boost. and
it's not like their stand alone system lowers boost either, so maybe it's
not such a big deal provided i'm not stomping on it in 100 degree weather or

034 says they GAURANTEE they've checked every flippen sensor or possibility
with the car. at least she did boost for a little bit with my computer. Dan
at 034 said he can believe the ecu going bad - like the pressure transducer
- but what would make for a flakey chip? they are open to suggestions.

see ya,

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