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Personally my only issue with that is you are masking the problem - not
solving it.


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Thanks Ed, i figure the hoses behind the head would have proven faulty
during the pressure test. they did replace every single hose in the
crankcase breather system too (they were totally rotted)

from my understanding, javad was doing grand stand passes down osgood blvd.
in fremont, enjoying the victory...until the car stopped hauling ass.

everyone was pretty pissed after that.

anybody have any thought as to the dangers of capping the N75 and installing
a 2.2bar WG spring? they said it's a little hoaky, but it will work.
computer won't be able to lower the boost though, which should be fine under
most conditions, correct? just don't be stupid and stomp on it in hot
weather in stop and go traffic with the a/c on?


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Have you been through all the little vacuum hoses behind the head?  

I can't remember whether or not you commented on this during you saga.  

When 034 swapped in the other ecu and were getting full boost for awhile,
did they only do that once and then tuck their tail and return to the shop
when they quit getting full boost?

I ask that because some vacuum leaks might be worse and much more noticeable
when the engine is good and hot.  A cool-down cycle and another try w/o
changing anything else might give a little more information in terms of
another direction or set of circumstances to consider.

My Avant has flakey boost sometimes too.  When it's good and cold out before
the engine compartment has really gotten warmed up, I can get nice strong
full boost.  Any other time, something is backing it off in the next gear
when I wale on it and then shift.  

My intake air temp sensor has an extra set of wires spliced into it and
running along the same wiring harness to the firewall.  I have several
receipts for IAT sensor replacement over the years.  I figure they found
something flakey with the wiring.  Or thought they did.  I haven't traced
them to see what's up on the other end.  If both sets are connected to the
ecu, then the reading might be hosed because of the extra resistance of the
extra wires.  I'm actually not sure that's even theoretically possible, but
it's a thought.  

Anyway, good luck with your's.  Over the years, I have grown more and more
fond of my V8q's because of troubleshooting turbo engine issues.  It can
really drive you insane.  The payoff is when a turbo 5 is healthy and
strong, even if only for a couple days, hours, minutes...


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> hi all,
> the latest is that 034 pulled the turbo. it's fine (1/2 price
> on labor to pull it). took my ecu and put ian's IA3+ in it. 
> hauled ass. for a while, then started knocking down the boost again.
> javad and crew are really frustrated with the car. they are
> thinking of trying their chip once again, but in my ecu - not 
> ian's. the problem is that they floated the labor cost to 
> socket ian's (and then put it back to IA3+), but i'll 
> probably have to pay for them to socket mine this time 
> around. Dan said he's cut me a deal on the chip and MAP sensor though.
> another option they've been kicking around is to cap off the
> N75 and install a 2.2 bar WG spring. they want to mull over 
> the ramifications of that first though. i'd get my 20 lbs 
> because the computer can't lower the boost. and it's not like 
> their stand alone system lowers boost either, so maybe it's 
> not such a big deal provided i'm not stomping on it in 100 
> degree weather or anything?
> 034 says they GAURANTEE they've checked every flippen sensor
> or possibility with the car. at least she did boost for a 
> little bit with my computer. Dan at 034 said he can believe 
> the ecu going bad - like the pressure transducer - but what 
> would make for a flakey chip? they are open to suggestions.
> see ya,
> Robby
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