latest on boost saga

Chris Miller c1j1miller at
Wed Dec 17 16:15:30 PST 2008

I'd hook up a test light (LED) to the wastegate frequency valve (WGFV).
That way you can watch what the computer is telling the WGFV to do.  If I
recall correctly, the LED should light up solid then flash rapidly as boost
builds.  If the light stops flashing or goes off, that means the signal from
the computer is not closing the WGFV and you'll have the 1.4 bar boost max.
Make the lead to the LED long enough and you can stick the LED under the
windshield wiper and watch it while driving (or run it in the window to the

Check the basics, too; grounds; wiring condition at the multifunction temp
sensor; condition of the gear on the end of the distributor.


On Wed, Dec 17, 2008 at 10:42 AM, robert weinberg <centaurus3200 at>

034 says they GAURANTEE they've checked every flippen sensor or possibility
with the car. at least she did boost for a little bit with my computer. Dan
at 034 said he can believe the ecu going bad - like the pressure transducer
- but what would make for a flakey chip? they are open to suggestions.

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