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If you haven't tried swapping out the hose from the WGFV to the WG it might 
be worth a shot. Mine had some tiny rips in it that were almost invisible 
unless you looked real close while bending the hose. I never had any issues from it 
but I also was running a 2.2 bar WG spring. 
They tried a know good  BPV I assume too? 
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Hi taka, i believe that's what 034 is running on the car while they trouble 

they are also going to throw it up on the dyno to dial in the a/f mixture 
with their chip (i bought it at a nice discount - gonna give ian back his ia3+). 
especially if they end up capping off the wgfv.

basically, the jist of it is that the GUARANTEE the wgfv is good. even tried 
one of their know good ones. the signal coming form the computer to the 
connector is also correct.

YET, for whatever reason, the wgfv acts like it's disconnected. i.e. 1.4 bar 
max boost. typical reading if you were to disconnect your wgfv from my 


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