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K24's are cheap - so have fun!


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alright, here's an email from the master himself:

The dash gauges are pretty useless when it comes to telling real boost, 
the only way to know what the actual boost is to install a boost gauge.

When the map sensor is changed, the calibration of the dash gauge is 
off, so it reads lower.

I spent quite a bit of time driving the car, in 1st gear the car sees 
about 12psi boost or so, in 2nd and 3rd it should see about 15psi, in 
4th boost increases to about 18 and in 5th the engine loads up the most 
and sees about 20psi.

These varying boost amounts are a function of the overboost tuning and 
how long the engine stays at a certain rpm and the rate of acceleration.

The K24 has a hard time supporting much more than 15psi by redline, thus 
in the lower gears boost in held lower as the engine accelerates faster 
to higher rpms.

and the 3B is very sensitive to overboosting with its distributor.  Thanks
Robby and feel free to stop by any time.


he also went on to saying that any more aggressive boost would severely
shorten the life of the K24. might be a touch more fun in the short term by
pinning 20+ psi in every gear, but i'd pay for it later. he has a dyno scan
of a stock 3B putting down 240HP to the wheels (on the 3B chip page), so
boost isn't everything with HP, i suppose. tuning has a lot to do with it as


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1.4 with 3.0 sensor is perfect. It could be anywhere from 1.40 to 1.49 which
is similar to 1.8-1.9 with 2.5 bar sensor.

What do you see with engine off and ignition on?

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yeah, this is what Dan at 034 emailed:

As discussed on the phone, the car is making more boost, but your gauge will
never tell you more than 1.4bar regardless.  The map sensor is bigger, and
the ECU is re-calibrated for this, but there is no way to recalibrate the

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You need a real boost gauge.  Stock  = useless


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picked the car up last night. they left it outside for me.

i let it warm up, then punched it, hauls ass. more linear power band than
with the IA3+ (Dan cut me a deal on the 034 chip set and 3.0 bar map
sensor). i assume because the notched map sensor helps?


with the IA3+, not much would happen until like 4k rpm, then BLAMMM!!! very
Jekyll and Hyde. remember, i posted that i thought this was a little funky
on the list before.

i tried to get around a car once from low speed, i kept waiting, and
waiting, then WHOOSH! 

the IA3+ might be a little more frisky of a tune than the 034 one though. or
maybe the linearity of the 034 is less "exciting" that the IA3+?

anywho, nothing goes without drama.

i punched it on the freeway and the bastard still wouldn't go bast 1.4 bar.
although the turbo was still doing it's thing. when i got off the freeway, i
punched once the light turned green and i was nearly thrown through the back
window. i couldn't see the boost gauge because my eyes were on the road.

Dan at 034 did say the stock gauge would be useless with the 3.0 bar map
sensor. i want him to discuss it in more detail with me.

when they tested the car, they were driving around with an aftermarket gauge
T'ed in. obviously, they don't think too highly of the stock gauge ;-)

and of course, a rear koni started thunking after i hit a pothole on the
frreeway. why i bought this flippen car is beyond me. but at this point, i
have $6,500 into the damn thing (including the $2,800 purchase price). i can

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