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Geraint Lloyd geraintlloyd_qc at
Sat Dec 20 13:34:00 PST 2008

My klunk was found in the rear suspension lower arm front bushes after  
replacing the shocks. They were sensacrap though so it wasn't a total  
waste. Klunk was apparent most on potholes which was A LOT in Montreal.

BTW Merry Xmas to all


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On 20-Dec-08, at 15:09, Daniel Wing <wagons at> wrote:

> Don't spring for shocks until you are absolutely, positively SURE it
> is not just the bushings in the lower arm of the rear suspension.
> That is what clunks in my rig have always been, here in bumpy dirt
> road Vermont. Lots cheaper, and it will burn you up to replace the
> shocks and still have it clunk.
>> well, the car ran fine, but of course something had to happen on
>> the way home. i hit a pothole on the freeway and now a rear koni is
>> clunking. gonna take a look at it today.
>> i jumped up and down on the rear bumper. nothing, but of course i
>> weigh 145 lbs and the car weighs 3500 ;-)
>> i think koni has lifetime rebuilds? i'm not the original owner of
>> the shocks though.
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