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Thanks Bernie!

well, i said pothole for easy reference. what really happened was i was cruising about 65mph on the 880 freeway in oakland. there's a patch of really crappy asphalt that are basically like little ridges for a a few hundred feet. i tried to slow down, but it was clunking by the time i did.

regardless, i will take a look at the strut mounts.

oh well, i knew i was taking a gamble with the used struts and H&R springs. but $400 for everything was super enticing. from force5 too - chris is a standup guy. obviously no warranty though.


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I doubt that the PH harmed the Koni. More likely something loose in the upper
strut mount. Koni warranty only good for original owner with proof of purchase.
But the Koni 44 chassis rear shocks are of their old design with removable heads
so are DIY rebuildable, BTDT with mine.


On Dec 20, 2008, at 10:00 AM, robert weinberg wrote:

> well, the car ran fine, but of course something had to happen on the way
home. i hit a pothole on the freeway and now a rear koni is clunking. gonna take
a look at it today.
> i jumped up and down on the rear bumper. nothing, but of course i weigh
145 lbs and the car weighs 3500 ;-)
> i think koni has lifetime rebuilds? i'm not the original owner of the
shocks though.
> Robby
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> robert weinberg wrote:
>> gonna pick it up tomorrow. and being it's an old T44 audi, i fully
> expect the problem to recurr on the way home ;-)
> Now you're getting the hang of it. :)
> It's been said 90% of carburettor problems are electrical.
> I guess that goes for turbo problems, too.
> I hope it goes well for more than the ride home.
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