shock noise

Phil Rose pjrose at
Sun Dec 21 10:25:41 PST 2008

At 3:09 PM -0500 12/20/08, Daniel Wing wrote:
>Don't spring for shocks until you are absolutely, positively SURE it 
>is not just the bushings in the lower arm of the rear suspension.
>That is what clunks in my rig have always been, here in bumpy dirt 
>road Vermont. Lots cheaper, and it will burn you up to replace the
>shocks and still have it clunk.

Another common source of rear suspension clunking is from a worn 
"camber link"--in either the upper or lower part of the linkage (but 
replacement is available only as a complete link). Test these links 
for excessive play by getting the rear tire up in the air (e.g. car 
on lift) and pulling strongly(!) upwards on the bottom of the tire.


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