Winter Tire Recommendations

michael mdearing at
Sun Dec 21 15:00:21 PST 2008

Just put Firestone Winterforce on, in time for the repeated snows  
here.  I got poor life out of the original stock Firestone street  
tires (11,000 mi) but I presume that Bridgestone may since have had  
some influence on tire life from Firestone.  The Hakas were twice the  

My first impression is squishy and not the snow bite of a Haka but  
I'll hold off on judgement until the season is over.

Thanks for all of your input.

(Flaky dash clusters get even more flaky when they are at -10ºF.  Any  
of you get the spontaneous and continuous 13kHz siren?  I'm getting  
ready for my third dash rework.  All of your notes give me some  

- michael

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>  Winter Tire Recommendations

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