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Tue Dec 23 08:55:20 PST 2008

I agree with bernie to a certain extent. body panels, trim, interior and crap like the wiper stalk, instrument cluster, etc....well, pretty much anything other than sensors, hoses and relays (might as well buy new).

i knew i might run the chance of having a used koni go out - i'll let you know. my friend who installed the shocks/springs said the ball joints, CVs and tie rods looked and felt good.

as far as the car's history, it was actually pretty well documented. i have a binder full of service records, including the original window sticker ($44,400!)

and javad and crew just went through every inch of the car. javad said it's a solid car with low miles. said it felt really tight. no squeaks, rattles and goes like a mofo ;-)

the only crappy thing is that the 2nd owner moved to hawaii 3 years ago. left the car with his relative in hayward, ca. the guy left it outside with tree sap and never washed nor waxed it. and seemed to put boxes and crap on the hood and trunk fro storage. the roof is now faded and the trunk and hood have a lot of surface scratches :-(

doesn't look bad. it has as 5 foot shine (meaning looks good from 5 feet or further) ;-)

BUT i just saw a cool color that i'm entertaining painting the car. it was off a volvo S30 T5. basically the color was like lago blue (the color of my car), but a little lighter with less of a green tint. i'm thinking i could paint the 200 that color and the match is close enough to where it won't be too noticable when you see the lago door jams, under the hood or the underside of the trunk.

but baby steps, this car will suck my dry if i try and do it all at once ;-)

see ya,

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My philosophy is that old cars generally don’t deserve new parts,  
just good parts! Who would consider even checking to see if a new  
transvers link is available if used are plentiful? My only point was  
that either ball joint end is replaceable, independent of the rest of  
the link.


On Dec 22, 2008, at 6:48 PM, Phil Rose wrote:

> At 12:12 PM -0800 12/22/08, Bernie Benz wrote:
>> Since I've started to relube these ball jionts, no more failures. 

>> Also this TL is a common and cheap part at your AW and either end  
>> can be replaced.
> I recall hearing that each end was available separately in the  
> fairly distant past, but that situation was said to have changed  
> quite a number of years ago. Have you recently seen the link ends  
> listed as separate items?
> Phil

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