wiper issues

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Why do you like to nitpick when I don't write out a book? This is not the
first or second time that you are unable to determine what I am trying to
say. Are you drunk? Don't you have the slightest ability to read with a
degree of comprehension? If so I apologize for expecting you to be able to
exhibit higher reading comprehension skills. 
The spare motor would quickly eliminate the motor as the source of the

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How could a spare motor possibly be the problem?


On Dec 27, 2008, at 12:40 PM, John Lagnese wrote:

> Do you have a spare motor to test? It may be the problem.
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> my wipers only work on fast and don't park. i've tried different  
> relays. no
> difference. what's next?
> thanks,
> Robby

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