wiper issues

John Lagnese jlagnese at massed.net
Mon Dec 29 13:35:21 PST 2008

I don't have a spare motor for this car. BTW the low speed gets used
more and would be more likely to be worn.

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To each his own, in trouble shooting methods!
Your helpful (?) suggestion to Robby was off the wall useless  
inasmuch as he never indicated that he had a spare motor.
Further, he had indicated that the motor works on High, therefore my  
logic says that the high speed brushes are servicable and that the  
low speed positive brush would likely be in even better shape. Easily  
proven by application of + to the low speed input terminal. Are you  
loaning Robby the spare motor? From your car, for the trivial test?


On Dec 28, 2008, at 7:56 PM, John Lagnese wrote:

> That was my thinking.
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> On Dec 27, 2008, at 10:15 PM, Bernie Benz wrote:
>> Because the motor in question works! Clarity may not be your strong
>> suit but your post response appeared to be nothing but a WAG, no
>> redeeming insite.
> Phil Payne (I think) once posted on the main list that the order in
> which items should be considered for troubleshooting is a tradeoff
> between the likelihood of something being the problem and the
> difficulty in checking for said problem.
> It's difficult to check the tracks inside the motor, so plugging in a
> spare and seeing how it behaves is one easy way to check everything
> else in the system.
> Brett

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