Eurolight Identification and source

Henry A Harper III hah at
Wed Feb 6 19:13:03 PST 2008

> As I need to replace several bulbs that have burned out in a
> couple 200Qs with
> Eurolights, I am trying to identify a proper replacement and
> source for them.  The bulb
> I removed had the low beam portion burned out.  It is a three
> prong halogen bulb and
> markings on it are:
> 12V (of course)  100/90W U  HD  not for use in Europe
> There is no manufacturer identification on this bulb.
> I have been happy with this bulb, and don't know what is in the
> other lights, but they
> all have the same three prong configuration.  All the E-lights I
> have are relayed and so
> can handle the wattage and since they turn night into day,
> probably don't need more, but
> open to suggestions.  Mainly is this an off the shelf item, or
> something I should order.
> To tell the truth, I don't pretend to know anything about the
> different bulbs, so open
> to comments and suggestions on the best replacement.  Quality is
> good, but don't ant to
> pay too much either.
> The lights are similar if not the same as the ones shown In this thread:

If your 200 eurolights are like mine, there is only one wiring connection on
the back (outside the housing) unlike those typ89 lights. What you are
looking for is an H4 bulb, also known as 9003 or HB2. Many bigbox-type
stores & FLAPS carry stock wattage H4s which are 60/55 and work fine for
both my cars with eurolights - and typically last longer than higher
wattage. You may need to order a 100/90, if that's what you want, from
somewhere like (no affiliation).

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