Eurolight Identification and source

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Well this is one area my experience is apparently lacking with these, but I got a quick
education thanks to all.  I looked at the lights and based on what I saw compared to the
various info. I have been presented the middle lights were H1, as I noted a single
connector without a pigtail.  It appears there are variations on the the 200 E-lights,
as one of my sets does not have this bulb but does use the same H4 bulb.  The other set
may in fact use the H3, but it is harder to remove for inspection.   I may actually have
3 different styles of E-lights although the pretty much look the same from the front
with variation on the cover plates and bulb wiring and placement.   I hope that I didn’t
order the wrong inner bulb, but I’ll know when I actually go to replace them.  


Things are so tight with the Eurolights that getting behind to remove them is not a job
one wants to do twice.  The relays are mounted on the passenger side along with the
jumper post – I did this.  On the driver side, the AC line runs right behind the
assembly almost blocking the cover plates.  You almost have to remove the lights to
replace a few of the bulbs – the H4 was the easiest to remove for inspection.  I’m sure
it can be done without pulling them out, but I wanted to have the lights on hand before
replacing them, except for one I already replaced on the sedan since I had a spare set.


I appreciate all the helpful info. and I ordered what I needed from Autobarn per Tom
Love’s suggestion.


[3 prong would be H4 and if you are willing to venture away from the 100/90 and go to
100/80 you can get them (Hella) real cheap on line from ]


I’ll post results when I get them installed.  This is definitely a case where one can be
an expert on a particular set of Eurolights and not be aware of the possible variations
that are out there.





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Please accept my apologies.  I should have known not to question your statement.  Are
you saying that the inner bulbs (nearest to the grille) are driving lights, not high
beams?  Which ones are the high beams?  My 200 already had euro lights installed when I
bought it.  I have replaced the H4 bulbs in the main beams, but have not had an inner
bulb burn out.  I live in a city, so don't use the brights often.  Anyway I respect your
experience (Ben too) with these cars, and appreciate the opportunity to keep learning.


I also own an old Volvo with 4 rectangular lights, H4s in the (outer) low beams and H1
(inner) high beams.  They are e-code (flat face, no aiming nubs) Bosch low and Cibie
high and are relayed (as are the lights in my Audi).



'91 Avant with 292K miles, still a blast to drive!

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On 200 eurolights, the inner driving lights are H3, not H1.

On Feb 7, 2008 10:05 AM, Andy Schor <walbum at> wrote:

I think that the high beams are H1s (plugs on back).  H3s are generally used
for fog lights (pigtail connection).


Andy Schor
'91 Avant

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> If you have the proper 200q eurolights in the car, they're H4 low beams and
> H3 high beams.
> You've referenced type 85 eurolights from an Audi 90, they're not the
> same, nor do they use the same bulbs.
> Taka

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