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Sun Feb 10 06:08:41 PST 2008

I tried to find UFO rebuild kits recently and could find none [I had a torn  
boot]. What I did was find a pair of used calipers with intact boots [used UFO 
 calipers come up for sale routinely] and swapped that pair for the pair with 
a  torn boot. I now have a donor set of calipers, which, if you're in the 
200q20v  for the long haul, isn't a bad thing. A rebuild kit would be nice 
Bob     200q20v    131k
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mdearing at mhtc.net writes:

Does  anyone know of a source for the UFO calipers?  Audi says they   
are out of stock.  I checked with the largest dealer in Germany  and  
they say 'no more'.
Where does one get caliper rebuild kits  for these?

217,000 miles and humming
-  Michael
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