The time has come... to part with my dear (advice requested)

Kent McLean kentmclean at
Sun Feb 10 16:41:35 PST 2008

Levolorman at wrote:
> The time has come for me to part with my 1991 Avant, 200q20v.  From  your 
> experiences, am I better off making it available for parts or as a full  running 
> vehicle?  Ebay, Craigslist, Audifans or something else?

There is potentially more money to be made parting it out, but also more pain 
and suffering in dealing with questions, no-shows, removing specific bits, 
packing, shipping, etc. And then disposing of the carcass. The choice is yours.

As for which media: eBay has more potential buyers, but more hassle. Audifans 
gets a narrow sub-set of targeted potential buyers. Craigslist is in between. 
And nothing says you can't use all 3.

Kent McLean
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