coil on plug?

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Tue Feb 12 09:54:49 PST 2008

Interesting route - thanks Claus.  I assume the 3B head on WR block took
some customizing somehow or another...

I have a stock 3B in my '84 ur-quattro - except it has the RS2 EM and
turbo and software.  I'm in the early stages of planning a conversion to
coil on plug using (most likely) 034 high output coils, black crinkle
finish 7A valve cover (already installed) and use the dizzy as a CPS,
convert to AAN ECU, add some wiring and swap pin terminals in the
connector so it is correct for the AAN ECU, different FPR (4Bar), RS2

Just curious if others had done a similar conversion and get their
feedback.  Motive is of course more power for my toy car. 


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Using 034EFI IIc and the 60-2 front wheel with a Hall device and a AAN 
The 3B head is mounted on my original WR block in my Ur-quattro. Produce
531 Hp with wasted spark because I didn't get the cam sensor to work 
and have eliminated the distributor (and what a luck - now the gear have

broken off the cam)
83 ur-quattro w/ WR-3B and 034EFI
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> Anybody here converted their 3B to coil on plug ignition?
> Brandon
> '84 ur-quattro w/ 3B
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