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Tue Feb 12 13:23:55 PST 2008

As Austin mentioned, I am working on something.  I’ll elaborate a bit.

First off, this is taking much longer than I anticipated.  I do have a partly working
solution and am working on coil driver circuits – inputs and outputs.  This will be a
fairly simple solution that only gets complicated by making a unit that is going to be
reliable and easy to install.  There will need to be Analog to Digital circuit and back
to digital again.  I’ll need to find sources for the connectors that our cars use in
order to make installation easy.   This unit will accept inputs from the hall sender,
and intercept from the ECU.  The intended design is such that things should be
“plug-and-play” with no modifications to existing wire and no need to install a
different ECU/DME or independent ignition system.

Coil on plug can be done by use of AAN ECU and wiring, Megasquirt, 034EFI and others and
all are fine solutions, but are more complicated than necessary..  My objective is to
provide something a little less involved and much less expensive.  The coils will need
to be procured and that can be as expensive as one likes – I will actually test with a
bank of independent coils similar to the ones used on an AUDI 5000 TQ and short wires –
not actually COP but pretty much the same in concept.

Although what I’m doing is not the same as something like an MSD unit that boosts coil
voltage and can zap the plug repettaively, you can think of the level of difficulty for
installation to be along those lines.  The unit will not involve any programming or code
– a straight electronics solution.

First testing will be on a MAC-14 ignition ECU running in an UR Quattro, however the end
result will be the same as if used on a 3B, MC-1,  MC-2 or any of the systems that use
single window hall sensor and crank sensors.  Later units will likely be made for other
number of cylinders and distributor types.


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Anybody here converted their 3B to coil on plug ignition?
'84 ur-quattro w/ 3B]

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