Urgent Gear oil question

John S. Lagnese jlagnese at massed.net
Thu Feb 14 20:13:00 PST 2008

You found it! How did you find this? It's not listed in the index!
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>> The Bentley and owner's manual both address just the
>> automatic, not the 5 speed.
> -Please take out Volume 2 of your 100/200 Bentley set.  This would be  the 
> one that covers "transmissions", as denoted on the front cover and  spine.
> -Flip through the index, under "Manual transmission --Controls,  Assembly" 
> until you find "200 models - quattro 5 speed 016".
> -Look down the list until you see "Technical data chart- 34-10"
> -Proceed to page 34-10-2 and note the gloriously complete chart of 
> specifications for your 5-speed manual 016 AWD transmission with  Torsen 
> differential, including lubricant type and capacity.
> Brett 

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