After market audio

Nathan Winters natewin at
Fri Feb 15 11:13:19 PST 2008

I've been playing around with different after-market radios I have and wanted to see if anyone has some input that can help me out.

Antenna:  The 200 Avant antenna is different than the dual diversity of the sedan models.  Does anyone know the run of the antenna wire?  I assume it goes to the stubby antenna on the roof and I'd like to make sure the wire is in good shape, as my reception seems really poor.  There is no antenna in the rear window, there is one in the windshield but it is not connected to anything like in the saloon models.

Switched Power:  Does the factory radio switch on/off with ignition or can you turn it on/off when the key is out?  There is no switched ignition power going to (or near) the radio.

Speakers:  I'm running a separate amp so I have that all figured out.  There is a harness that runs the front speakers directly and I could go right into that harness to drive the in-dash stuff.  The rears were driven by a small factory amp under the rear seat and I took that out entirely.  Since the amplifier I installed was already in the back I just ran wires from the amp > under the seat > spliced into the wires going to the rear-door speakers.

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