Good luck getting your Audi back

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Sun Feb 17 08:44:20 PST 2008

I must have missed the original post.

I sold an '87 5KTQA with about 305k miles a few years ago, replaced it with 
a '91 Avant which now has 293k.  It shares daily duties with an '88 745T 
with 325k on the chassis.  The P/O had the engine/turbo replaced with Volvo 
reman at 234k.  Although the Audi performs better in almost every way, I do 
really enjoy driving the Brick.  The Audi has been more expensive to 
maintain, I accept that as part of the "Audi Experience".  Having another 
vehicle with which to alternate allows me the luxury of keeping them both 
running indefinitely.

Andy Schor

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>I don't think I will keep my next one this long.  My old 86 5000 Avant  I
> bought with 60k and drove it to 310k.   That one started being a  money 
> pit at
> 150k.  My 200 I bought with ~65k from a guy in California  area, I have 
> all his
> receipts, he put 13k into the car, all the right stuff. He  also paid $100 
> for
> oil changes, had a fat wallet.  I did shocks at 90k and  the normal 
> scheduled
> stuff.  Had nothing unusual to 160k and by 200k  it has been one thing 
> after
> another.  This second clutch is a mystery,  I am pretty easy on most my 
> stuff,
> (snowmobile excluded).  My solution to  breakdowns was to by an old 740 
> Volvo
> for back up.
> Thanks, Pete

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