Eric Huppert ehuppert at
Thu Feb 21 19:01:33 PST 2008

Okay, couldn't resist a reply, been lurking allot lately.......

I've had really good experience with Yokohamas. Very little weight to
balance, wear pretty well, very quiet, and best of all, less expensive than
the Michelins! Last couple of sets were the Avid V4s... Prior to that was
using the TRZ's. Unfortunately I mount more tires than I'd care too in our
two man restoration shop and I'm always amazed at new tires that are out of
round, excessive weights to balance, never mind how many aluminum rims are
bent! Customer went elsewhere to have Goodyear f1's installed, had them put
his Michelins back on as the good years needed 7 oz's to balance on a
STRAIGHT scooby doo rim. Probably just a bad batch of tires, but still mind
boggling at the lack of quality control!

I always want to buy the high end tires, but reality is, daily driver, too
old to be racing the back roads, very rarely exceed  the speed limit (well,
limit plus ten!). Occasional moments of stupidity with the go pedal, but
nothing where I need high end tires!


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