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Mon Feb 18 11:56:36 PST 2008

ty at 30K and47K!
No record that pads were replaced at either of these Stealer warranty servi=

I bought the car in the summer of =9196 with about 60K on it.
 6/97 I first replaced the OEM pads (Jurid 526FE) with Jurid aftermarket pa=
ds (Jurid 571562J). Mileage not recorded, maybe 80K.
9/98 at 100K did a 4 corner caliper overhaul and measured UFO run out, both=
 sides at 0.0012=94 TIR, no problems.
8/05 replaced UFO pads with Textar 21219 (turned out to be re boxed OEM pad=
s (Jurid 526FE) at half the Stealer=91s price)

So my rotors currently have only about 175K on them, not the indicated 225K=
. But they have had 125K on them since they both indicated 0.0012=94 TIR, s=
o I would guess that they have worn to less than half that runout by now. M=
aybe I'll measure again when I change back to winter wheels.

FYI, the generic FMSI number for UFO pads is #MKD467. Auto Zone and Bendix =
both go by that number.



On May 12, 2008, at 2:40 PM, Mike Del Tergo wrote:
I'll throw a Q at Bernie, what do you use for brake pads, tissue paper?  22=
5K on a set of rotors is inconcieivable, but highly desirable,  from what 1=
/2 million miles of driving has shown me, let alone many less miles on UFOs=
.  How many sets of pads or do those last for a decade as well? (25k per ye=
ar x 10 years) Any chance all you brake bias is set to the rear?I gotta kno=
w where you get your parts!Mike From: Bernie Benz <b.benz at>Subje=
ct: Re: UFO brake question What?s your Q? I?ll throw one back at you!Why do=
 you think that they need repeated re machining? IMO, it?s a waste of good =
material and the trueness derived for normal wear. Mine at 225K have never =
been re machined, are dead true, and I believe will remain so for another 2=

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