trying to find a mysterious coolant leak, could it be a water pump going bad?

Kneale Brownson knealeski at
Wed Jan 2 02:43:33 PST 2008

Our 4kq dripped off the front pan bolts and A/C bolts when its water pump front seal failed,  Alan.
  There have been reports on the 200q20v list in the past about the hose at the front of the thermostat housing that connects to the pipe going around the front of the engine to supply coolant to the turbo developing leaks.  
  Either could be the source, but I'd park it until I was sure.  My 4kq water pump almost fell apart when I pulled it.  Probably real close to the whole thing going.  I remember one 200q20v list report of the hose referred to bursting, causing a quick loss of coolant.

alancordeiro at wrote:
  Over the last few days, the car has begun to drip coolant from under the engine pan. 
I have not been able to pin-point the source.

Last night I recalled that there has been a recent startup clatter that has been bothering me.
It started about two weeks ago, begins at the first cold engine start, and goes away after a
few minutes of running. I suddenly came to me that perhaps the two are related and I have
a water pump going bad. If this really is the case, and the pump seizes while operating,
I could lose the engine......

Has anyone else seem such a problem. The water pump and idler pulley were
replaced along with the last timing belt swap about three years and 55k miles ago. 
The miles have been mostly freeway, the timing belt looks brand new...I figured
I could stretch this change out another 10k miles beyond the 60k.

Has anyone else seen a similar issue. and found a coolant leak not related
to the water pump. Else has someone had a water pump go bad....what
are the symptoms when it does? Nothing in the archives describes this case,



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