Curious about HP possibilities

Richard Harris rnharris at
Wed Jan 2 10:15:05 PST 2008

Call me wacky, but I'm curious about dropping a small block Chevy engine
into a 200 or UrS? Why? Well, I've been researching HP upgrade options for
my 200. While there are a few high HP(450+) 3Bs in Europe, according to most
of people I've corresponded with, the distributor ignition on the 3B limits
my possibilities. To make 450hp on a 3B, one needs to install an AAN
harness(wiring nightmare?), ECU and coils or go standalone($$$).  With
either of the aforementioned choices, the minimum hardware needed is a rods,
turbo and manifold($3500).  The Jegs catalog, has a variety of
warranted, new $4000.00 dollar engines. Heck, I'm sure one of my hillbilly
buddies could find me a good condition used 350 for much less.

ANy BTDT SB Chevy swaps?


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