[s-cars] Curious about HP possibilities

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Well I have built a few SB Chevy's in my time and done engine swaps into
vehicles that were never meant to have that particular engine, as well as
swapping out autos for manuals, etc.  What you are talking about here starts
with the initial outlay for the engine and then goes something like this
from there:

You need access to or your own machine shop to make all the assorted
brackets and mounts needed for this mod....power steering pump for one, I am
assuming you are tossing your AC, because that would require lots of work.

Are you in a location where they do emission testing?  If so, good luck :)
Do you still want the all wheel drive?  If so, you have to now figure out
how to bolt the Chevy up to the 200 tranny, since the torsen is in the

Let's not forget the aluminum radiator you will need to cool the engine with
the limited cooling area that exists.  Remember, 450 HP from a small block
is NOT all that easy if it is normally aspirated.  Of course if you are at
altitude the equivalent HP to your boosted 450 HP from the '91 is somewhere
north of 500.

Not to mention the fact that the torque available in 1st gear will be north
of 400 ft-lbs, which is probably enough to snap some stuff.

It seems to me that this is a TON of headache to take on.  I can't stress
enough the access to the machine shop aspect of this.  If you are not
comfortable ordering billets/rods of material and using lathes, etc. to come
up with the right pieces this is going to take a LONG time.

If the reason to do this is to avoid the expense of the ignition system you
would be way better off to get an ignition system and go the route that so
many have gone with these cars.  Hell, you could probably even go the 2.5
route cheaper than the SB chevy route.

Just my .02.


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Yes, it's been done, and drives around in Colorado somewhere. I have
thought about this myself, using a LS1 aluminum engine. But, the V8Q
engine is another possibility, and bolts up to your trans.

LT1Q as mentioned. It's a 5000TQ with an LT1.

Tony Hoffman

On 1/2/08, Richard Harris <rnharris at bellsouth.net> wrote:
> Call me wacky, but I'm curious about dropping a small block Chevy engine
> into a 200 or UrS? Why? Well, I've been researching HP upgrade options for
> my 200. While there are a few high HP(450+) 3Bs in Europe, according to
> of people I've corresponded with, the distributor ignition on the 3B
> my possibilities. To make 450hp on a 3B, one needs to install an AAN
> harness(wiring nightmare?), ECU and coils or go standalone($$$).  With
> either of the aforementioned choices, the minimum hardware needed is a
> turbo and manifold($3500).  The Jegs catalog, www.jegs.com has a variety
> warranted, new $4000.00 dollar engines. Heck, I'm sure one of my hillbilly
> buddies could find me a good condition used 350 for much less.
> ANy BTDT SB Chevy swaps?
> Richard
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