Curious about HP possibilities

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But it is well known, that the 3B distributor is very narrow and the old WR 
on the picture don't have
knock-retarding, which also require some degrees of freedom.
The sparks just take the way it can and under high compression load it may 
fail to find the correct cyl.

Above 400 Hp I would choose an AAN valvecover or similar with full 
electronically management.

I remember my own 3B with 369 Hp. Small ripples at the power curve at the 
dyno were assumed to due to the
ignitionsystem were close to the limit


Urq Wr-3B head-AAN plug on coils-034EFI IIc - 525 Hp

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> On Jan 2, 2008, at 1:15 PM, Richard Harris wrote:
>>  according to most of people I've corresponded with, the distributor
>> ignition on the 3B limits
>> my possibilities.
> That's a ~630HP engine, and it's got a distributor.  Draw your own
> conclusions.
> I couldn't find a clear picture showing where the wires go on the 20v
> IMSA cars, or for the S1 rally cars...
> Nobody has ever explained to my satisfaction how this cross-firing
> situation is possible.  There's 72 degrees on the distributor between
> cylinders, timing is done by the ECU off a hall sensor, and
> electricity always takes the path of least resistance...
> Brett
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