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This sounds like a MFTS - Multi Function Temperature Switch - about $75 as I recall. It sends the temp to the ECU and also controls the temp gauge. The clue to this is if the oil temp is running normal - if so, suspect MFTS - if oil temp low also, then suspect Thermostat.


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Howdy all,
On a 400 mile roadtrip the other day I noticed that my water temperature
guage was not budging from the very bottom.  It was 20 degrees outside, but
I have never had a problem with the temperature before.  I have also been
getting really bad mileage lately 15 mpg in town and 22 on the highway.  So
I suspected the thermostat was bad resulting in a rich mixture and cold
running.  However, I put cardboard in front of the radiator and the guage
still did not budge and the heater blows I am not sure if that is
the problem.  The previous owner said he replaced it about 135,000 miles and
i am now at 194,000.
I bought a new thermostat since it was only $20, but when I went to replace
it I couldn't figure out any way to get the old one out.
Does this sound like a thermostat probleme to the collective wisdom of the
list? and if so, is there a trick for replacing them.  Also, my timing belt
is probably due before too long, any benefit to doing one while I do the


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