Curious about HP possibilities

Richard Harris rnharris at
Fri Jan 4 06:25:27 PST 2008

Thanks for all informative replies.   From what I've learned, if I'm looking
for displacement, the Audi V8 would be the route to go; It's lighter and
bolts to the tranny without an adapter.  The SB Chevy can be done, but
requires mucho fabrication work and would lead to long term chassis issues
due to engine weight and torque.  The 200 front-end would require
reinforcement to prevent the SB from galloping away.  Can you imagine
stomping the loud pedal and having the front-end separate from the car and
blast down the street? LOLL!

There are a few people working on "black box" solutions that would use the
factory harness, and possibly, distributor. Please keep us posted.


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