CL Wong montesawong at
Sat Jan 5 06:35:19 PST 2008

I recently completed a thermostat replacement.  Here
were my symptoms.

At idle, the temp gauge could eventually creep up to
'normal' operating temperature.  for the 20020v, this
is the thick hash mark at the 11:00 position on the
temp gauge with CC on 'econ' or 'off'.

As soon as I started moving or put CC on 'Auto' it
would drop below the thick hash and at highway speeds
the temp would go down to cold (9:00 position). 

My heat was warm not hot.  I figured that was OK since
I had the CC set to 66 degrees.

Replacement of the thermostat was a bit tight but I
was able to work my hand across the after-run pump to
gain access to the thermostat housing after removing
the small radiator hose and the thermoswitch plug on
the radiator.  My thermostat was stuck (probably
galvanic corrosion) so I had to find a way to work it

I needed to use a 1/4" ratchet to loosen the housing
bolts and then just a 3/8" socket (11mm, I think)
without the ratchet to work the bolts off by hand.

My thermostat was oriented horizontally (-) by my old
mechanic but Bentley shows the thermostat to be
oriented vertically (|).  I applied some high temp
silicone to both edges of the thermostat and waited a
day for the silicone to dry before filling the

I replaced my coolant temp sensor and re-wired the
intake air temp sensor at the same time and my 1 day
average gas mileage went from 14.5 to 18.5 for short
duration around town driving.

car gets up to operating temperature in 5 minutes of
driving at 20 degrees and the heat is HOT.  While the
boost has not changed, it feels much more lively now.

just another data point.

Airmont, NY

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