Curious about HP possibilities

Ben Swann benswann at
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This will not make much more power or torque in and of itself.   The purpose is to
facilitate running independent coils per cyl.   With spark distribution done
electronically and through separate coils, there will be a hotter more accurate and
consistent spark and especially the capability to run higher RPM while maintaining a
good spark.  The elimination of a single coil in favor of independent coils will be more
reliable too.

This will open up possibilities to run higher boost and RPM and so greater power and
torque.  Those will be accomplished by other means such as chipping the ECU, injectors,
etc.  One could go with a complete aftermarket system, but this "black box" solution is
intended to be a low budget and easy to install.

One reason I am doing this is so I can offer 3 Bar chipset in the 3B.  Spark issues do
start to become more pronounced at 2.5 bar up, so I fell this is prerequisite to doing
the 3 Bar upgrade.  

Although the solution is not trivial, it will also work with the 10V single window hall
sensor ignitions as well as the 3B as they are very similar.  I will be testing this
initially on both my 200Q20V avant and UrQ with Megasquirt and MAC-14 ignition.

Stay tuned.


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Ben your blackbox solution to go distributorless
sounds pretty good.

Will this open up 400+HP (at the crank) potential for
3b cars?

what do you think the projected cost to be?

Looking forward to any 034 tie-ins. (aren't they
working on some sort of 3b chip tuning upgrade
like this one:



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