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Didn't Ned Ritchie make some really good HP numbers with his 20vT on a
distributor?  I'm pretty sure he never moved away from it with his cars....

Jeff Redig

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> This will not make much more power or torque in and of itself.   The
> purpose is to
> facilitate running independent coils per cyl.   With spark distribution
> done
> electronically and through separate coils, there will be a hotter more
> accurate and
> consistent spark and especially the capability to run higher RPM while
> maintaining a
> good spark.  The elimination of a single coil in favor of independent
> coils will be more
> reliable too.
> This will open up possibilities to run higher boost and RPM and so greater
> power and
> torque.  Those will be accomplished by other means such as chipping the
> ECU, injectors,
> etc.  One could go with a complete aftermarket system, but this "black
> box" solution is
> intended to be a low budget and easy to install.
> One reason I am doing this is so I can offer 3 Bar chipset in the 3B.
>  Spark issues do
> start to become more pronounced at 2.5 bar up, so I fell this is
> prerequisite to doing
> the 3 Bar upgrade.
> Although the solution is not trivial, it will also work with the 10V
> single window hall
> sensor ignitions as well as the 3B as they are very similar.  I will be
> testing this
> initially on both my 200Q20V avant and UrQ with Megasquirt and MAC-14
> ignition.
> Stay tuned.
> Ben

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