UFO pad info on the wiki

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Mon Jan 7 14:17:18 PST 2008

> Brett,
> Your Bendix MKD419 is a G60 pad. Not UFO. Any FMSI #MKD419 is G60.
> The FMSI # for UFOs is MKD467.

Hi Bernie- I'm confused, there was one part number which contained MKD419,
was that what you were referring to?  I've removed it.

I also added a clear warning about MKD419 part numbers.

> The Jurid after market number is Jurid 571562J ( I ran these 10 years
> go.)
> The Audi part number is: 441 698 151D, = Jurid 526FE

OK, some of this was already in the page.  Regarding 526FE vs. 571562J,
are they the same pad?  If different, do you know what the difference is? 
Are you sure the 571562J info is still applicable?

> People should save a set of backing plates, for when the new old
> stocks are depleted or for custom pads.

Good point- I'll add a comment as such.


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