Still Rich - ideas???

Brett Dikeman brett at
Tue Jan 15 21:58:21 PST 2008

On Jan 15, 2008, at 5:43 PM, Brandon Rogers wrote:

> Good points about the injectors, Bernie.  Of course my problem is also
> that the car was rich before having RC rebuild them - and it's still
> rich - so I guess I was thinking injectors just isn't the issue....
> But that said I do have a local friend who has a set of 15k mile 3B
> injectors I can borrow - and I will.
> One thing I forgot to mention is that I should probably check fuel
> pressure, too, right?

Yes, and that the vacuum line to the FPR is OK.  If it is leaking or  
not connected, you'll get way too much fuel pressure at idle (and not  
enough under boost.)  However, the ECU will log an error- lambda will  
be so wrong the ECU can't compensate and that's a fault code  
condition.  Some sort of error code would be thrown...

Put the car on a VAG-COM or similar and get the codes.  Blink codes  
don't show intermittent faults- only the scan tools do, and only the  
scan tool will tell you what the ECU is "seeing" from the important  
sensors, and the Bentley tells you what normal ranges are and what low/ 
high values imply.

However, be very mindful of the prerequisites for those tests.

Also, are you sure the crank hose breather system and charcoal  
canister stuff is all plumbed securely?  You shouldn't be smelling  
anything rolling down the road.  If you do, exhaust is getting into  
the passenger compartment, which is very dangerous (carbon monoxide.)


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