Still Rich- idea's?

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There is the carbon canister frequency valve, but that should throw a
code, I had the code and replaced it at around 300k mi on my's
a little blue plastic solenoid at the back of the engine, you should be
able to easily remove and test it...possible test it in place

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Yeah I think you are right about fuel pressure - need to check - even
tho FPR is "new."  No cat now - but it was rich back when I was.  I t
does seem slightly more noticeable now, however.  Crankcase
breather/charcoal canister setup is 100% stock.  I will double check
that all is hooked up correctly.  Is there a way to tell if it is
functioning properly?  Output tests?



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I'd be checking your fuel pressure.  Are you running a cat?  And how is
the crankcase breather vented, charcoal canister in place?

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