Still Rich - ideas???

Brandon Rogers brogers at
Wed Jan 16 09:38:38 PST 2008

Ha LOL - totally agree on the "yup its changing" that's exactly what I
recall thinking.  

I will check the Blocks - thanks much.


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> Hmm I went thru something - it had the O2 sensor output - was 
> fluctuating between about 123 and 129.  I'll have to check if that was

> the 00 M Block..

The memory block contains values for a bunch of sensors and some
adaptation values.  You need to verify all of them, not just the 02
sensor, and furthermore there are several Lambda related numbers that
show how the ECU has adapted.  Looking at the live O2 sensor value isn't
very useful beyond "yep, it's changing."

Go to the Bentley section on the memory blocks, get the car to the
prerequisites , and check the values for all the various sensors and
adaptation values.


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