Coolant temp sensor?

Phil Rose pjrose at
Wed Jan 16 12:41:10 PST 2008

The coolant warning display flashing on (when 
level and temp are both OK) is a symptom of a 
defective MFTS. Low boost-pressure and 
inoperative A/C compressor are also symptoms of a 
bad MFTS, but the dead temp-gauge is a "dead 
giveaway". The MFTS sensor is located on the 
coolant flange pipe on the side (driver's) of the 


At 12:24 PM -0500 1/16/08, Jean-François Roldan wrote:
>Hi all,
>last weekend, the coolant temp light came on 
>beeping in my car. When I got home, I rechecked 
>the level in the subtank and all was fine, I 
>added a little bit in it but there was no reason 
>to trigger the dash light.
>Since then, every time I use the car, I get the 
>beeping after a few seconds of running.
>Car heats normally, no coolant smell, but the 
>gauge that was not moving a lot before is now 
>totally dead.
>Could the dead gauge trigger the dash light, or 
>it is really the sensor at the bottom of the 
>It was too cold to check it out yesterday, but today is quite warm...
>Thanks all
>91 200 tqa
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