ABS chatter

Kent McLean kentmclean at comcast.net
Wed Jan 16 16:29:10 PST 2008

jake falk wrote:
> Does anybody know a resource to get the ABS sensor not through audi?
> For some reason an isuzu truck part sticks in my head...

 From an old posting by Scott Matus...

The part number is an Arvin Meritor (Rockwell, WABCO) of TDA/R955341. My cost 
being an employee was $32.00, but you should be able to get it from any heavy 
duty truck dealership (Freightliner, Sterling, Western Star, etc.) for no more 
than about $40.00. If it's more than that tell them they are ripping you off 
(their cost is only $23.65)

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